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Recordings from 2019 Fall Concert

1.Chinese Folk Ensemble: Full Moon, Gorgeous Flowers PlayDownload this Song
2.Taiwanese Folk Song: Mending FishnetPlayDownload this Song
3.Erhu Duo: ZizhuDiaoPlayDownload this Song
4.Erhu Duo: Half Moon RisingPlayDownload this Song
5.Guzheng Ensemble - Moonlight over Spring RiverPlayDownload this Song
6.Erhu Unison: Laputa: Castle in the SkyPlayDownload this Song
7.Zhong Ruan Solo: NocturnePlayDownload this Song
8.Beijing Opera: Zhe Gu TianPlayDownload this Song
9.Vocal Solo: When you are OldPlayDownload this Song
10.Pipa Solo: Fishermen's Song at EventidePlayDownload this Song
11.Erhu and Chorus:Reflections of the Moon on Lake ErquanPlayDownload this Song
12.Guzheng Solo: High Mountains and Flowing WaterPlayDownload this Song
13.Chinese Drum Perfomance: Fishermen's Triumphant SongPlayDownload this Song
14.Erhu and Orchestra: Sanshili PuPlayDownload this Song
15.Chinese Folk Song: Fresh FlowerPlayDownload this Song