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Audio: 2020 New Year Concert

1.Erhu & Orchestra: Yangliuqing PlayDownload this Song
2.Zhong Ruan Solo: A Remote SongPlayDownload this Song
3.Guzheng Ensemble: Melodies from the Silver ScreenPlayDownload this Song
4.Percussion Ensemble: The Quarreling DucksPlayDownload this Song
5.Cello Ensemble: 1-Taiwanese Fold Song-Sring Breeze; 2-Fung Yang Flower DrumPlayDownload this Song
6.Chinese Folk Sonk - Scenery WuxiPlayDownload this Song
7.Cantonese Music: Early Spring at Mountain VillagePlayDownload this Song
8.Pipa & Percussion: The Conqueror UnarmsPlayDownload this Song
9.Erhu Solo: Love Song of HonglouPlayDownload this Song
10.Guzheng Solo: Fisherman's Song at DuskPlayDownload this Song
11.Accordion SOlo: Climbing Tiger MountainPlayDownload this Song
12.Erhu and Chorus:Reflections of the Moon on Lake ErquanPlayDownload this Song
13.Soprano: Memories of JiangnanPlayDownload this Song
14.Erhu & Cello: Chrysanthemum TerracePlayDownload this Song
15.Encore:Radetzky MarchPlayDownload this Song